Response to Metal Head

The opening scene is in black and white, black and white deepens the impact of the scene which is dark mysterious and forsaken. The characters consist of a black man, white man and woman are in a beat up car driving through a desert with a beat up car with the paint taken off. The time they are living is the distant future and it is as if they are living in the apocalypse They are talking about saving a man who they promised their sister to protect. There is a dark high pitched music playing when the robot hunt down the people to kill them. The music and any sound is muted when the car fall off the roof, creating a dramatic scene. Throughout the scene there is a weird pulsating sound, creating a sense of upcoming danger and uncertainty a feeling that comes from both the music and the actor. As the actor is running the camera moves along with her in a shaky movement and then zooms in on her face and her panting. After her companions die the only form of communication the women has is a walkie-talkie with no one to respond to it. As the women holds the knife up to kill herself before the other robot dogs comes the camera panels up and shows a scenic route traveling back to the warehouse. The director want the audience to understand that it is the robots against the humans, and the betrayal of technology. Survival is the main point of the film, the scene where the woman kills herself to prevent the dogs from killing her first and her going inside of her leg with a knife, and staying up all night in a tree is an example of characters going to extreme length to survive.


Opening Scene for the Terminator

Opening scene starts with traffic in a highway going both sides with a lot of cars driving towards the camera. This is showing a fast, normally functioning word, everybody is living their life, performing their daily routine, on a beautiful sunny day. The music is somber and dark, it as if the music is foreshowing that something bad and disastrous is going to happen and the people walking around without a care do not know that the end of the world is going to happened. A little girl is laughing and playing on swing with and wearing red shirt and red shoes, this is symbolic for something but I don’t know what, but when listening to the music I feel sad for the little girl. He fades the scene as if it was a memory or dream and the person is waking up. Then the scene shifts back to a blue and black color and a wreaked car with complete silence. The director want the audience to know that the disaster has already happened. There is only the sound of the wind and skulls lying around, Los Angeles is deserted and there is no life just death everywhere. Even the playground where the little girl was initially playing at in the beginning if the scene is broken and dark, compared to the first scene. This could foreshadow the ending of the little girls the audience saw, it was the end of many lives. A skull is crushed by the terminators foot showing that it has brute force, strength and does not care about human life. The camera zooms in on the robot and behind it are lasers and bombs going off, and the only thing you hear is death music’s and sounds of a robotic war going on. When the camera shows the humans there is a war music going on that I hear when I m watching G.I Joe and the hero shows up that the music that pop up when John is mentioned. John is the hero that is the feeling the director wants the audience to know this. Dave Cameron want the audience to understand that even through an apocalypse there is hope and a savior.

Opening Scene for the Walking Dead

The director included the closeup of the actor because it was a pivotal moment in the scene. It showed the state of the world and is face shows a lot of emotions, emotions one might feel when living in a post apocalyptic world. Silence and body language are the main . A pale little girl  wearing bunny slippers, dragging her feet and bending over to pick up a teddy bear is symbolic for the opening scene because its scary. Cars are scattered everywhere as if there has been a terrible wreck because there are zombies. The very first line in the walking dead is “little girl, I’m a police officer”, the police officer was more apt to helping a child, the director did this because children evoke more sympathy than adults. Special effects makes the zombie apocalypse seem and the close up on the little girls face with the blood dripping down her face is realistic. The shot is reversed and shows the actor reaction to seeing the little girl, with blood dripping down and half her face ripped apart. When the zombie little girl starts walking towards the police officer he then has a facial expression of sadness and fear, because he has to make the decision having to kill an zombie child or save his life. After shooting the little girl the director zooms in on the actors face and blurs the gun out, this is the point of no return for the man, it is survival of the fittest, where empathy can not save a life. The director wanted the audience to understand the idea of never ending, and undiscriminating death.


The purpose of Finding equilibrium is to reflect the difficulties of modern relationships. Although according to the painting Duy has an optimistic approach to love. Instead painting the couple to fall off the scale and fail at the relationship. He paint them successfully balancing themselves out and finding that equilibrium in their relationship that allows it to work. The heterosexual couple represents the relationship itself, and the ball and plank represent the obstacle in a relationship.

Rough Draft Visual Interpretation

Finding Equalibrium, surrealist paint by charlotte based painter Duy Huynh, is of a women and man successfully balancing on a ball and board. This resembles the difficulties of a relationship, between two people. The Man and Women do not want to fall and they want to stay as balanced as possible and are working together to keep it equal, and they find themselves in what looks like an uncomfortable position in order to reach that equilibrium, and instead of staying far away from each other to keep from falling, they have realized that the best way to keep from falling is to stand nose to nose with each other but with a tad bit of space between the two. The only part that touching is their heads, and the girl has to stand on her tippy toes in order to reach the mans head. It looks difficult and uncomfortable but it seems to be working for the characters.

Mary Ellen Smith

The focal point of the picture is the little girl smoking. Two children are playing in a kids mini pool. The characters which are two little girl in a bathing suit one girl is relaxing in the pool while the other girl who is wearing a two piece bathing suit is standing up, and smoking a cigarrete while looking directly into the camera unapologetically.

The Last Man, Book One

[A] science fiction story is one which presupposes a technology, or an effect of technology, or a disturbance in the natural order, such as humanity, up to the time of writing, has not in actual fact, experienced.” — Edmund Crispin, introduction to Best Science Fiction Stories, 1955. 

All of the Men are Dead (37) on this page the illustrations show a paramedic pointing a gun to her head after losing her husband. In the novel Yorick Brown is the last man on Earth along with his pet monkey ampersand after every man and mammals with a Y chromosome was killed. The Definition above is one of the best ones because it explains Yotricks situation perfectly. The natural order of the world had been disturbed all the men have died and Yordick is the only one of his kind to survive. The idea of the total mass extinction of men is not very possible of will happen any time soon, so this situation cannot be experienced.  After an amulet was taken off of Dr.Frozan Hamad, all of the men died, and Rodrick and his monkey had to fight for their survival. Being that Yordick is the only man on earth he is a hot commodity, and women want to sell him in order to have food for themselves. The government is being run by women and are forced women to survive without the aid of a man. Women are not supposed to live in a world without men, it’s nearly impossible unless women purposely separate themselves from men. Men are still a necessity for procreation and now that they are all gone that chances of reproducing a child to repopulate the eart is slim and Yordick is humanities only hope. Now that the natural order has been disturbed the fate of humanity in this novel is uncertain.

The Little Sudanese Girl Review

There is a little girl, who looks like she is malnourished and is starving to death. Her head is buried in the ground looking as though she is in despair. She appears to be struggling to survive. Along in the picture is a bird, which happens to look like a vulture. It is standing merely inches behind the girl as though it is patiently waiting for it next meal. The birds thinks that the little girl is bound to die sometime soon a lies around her as though he is taunting her upcoming death. The little girl looks feral and uncared for. Only thing surrounding her is barren land and a bird patiently waiting for her to die. The picture is in color rather than filtered into something like black and white.

2018 Writing Lessons

The process of writing an essay is not always easy. It may take a long time to come up with a concept, and sometimes I stare blankly at my computer with only the word “title”, trying to figure out what the next word should be. As soon as I figure out where my paper is going the writing and ideas never stop, that is until I reach my minimum word requirement. Soon after finishing the paper a feeling of accomplishment rushes over me and I quickly turn in my paper without a second thought, proud of what I had created, keeping in mind that just an hour before I had no idea of what to write. Rarely do I proofread or read the essay aloud, before turning it in. But eventually, that feeling of satisfaction ends until I get my paper back from the teacher and realize how awful the writing, grammar, and punctuation was on the paper, which are all mistakes that show on my grade. I know I am not the only one who does this and examining my classmate’s workshop essay has been my most significant work because it has taught me to proofread take more time into my essays.

   Examining my classmate’s workshop essay and receiving feedback on my own essay has given me insight into what an English teacher goes through. Students are so eager to turn in an essay and meet the minimum word requirement that the quality of the work is often forgotten, leaving the teacher the excruciating job of deciphering our chicken scratch. Everyone in the class did a great job on their essays, but the essays could have been better if we had just proofread the essays. Having the workshop essay read aloud was new and something I had never done in an English class before, and doing this has allowed me to grow as a writer and care more for how I present my arguments. My workshop essay Mulan’s Musical Reflections was a work in progress, there were a lot of mistakes, such as grammar, an organization that could have been avoided if I had proofread the essay.

   Also posting our work on the blog was vital in learning how to write for an audience. Blogging is different from any type of writing, with blogging my work was open to the public, anybody could read it and comment on my work. When typing a paper for the blog, there had to be a strong attention getter because the goal is to draw in the audience at first glance. I needed to make my topic as interesting as possible to keep my audience’s attention. Writing the blog made me care about who I was writing for and what I was writing versus writing a paper solely for my teacher, there was a bigger audience that I wanted to appeal to.


Annotated Bibliography

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Smith, Zadie. Swing Time. Penguin Books, 2017. The novels is about two brown little girls the narrator and Tracey who live in London. They both dream of becoming successful dancer but the narrator has flat feet and Tracy can dance beautifully but she only has techniques not knowledge about the history of dance like the narrator.

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Swing Times “Mother Knows Best”

Mother Knows Best

The novel Swing Time by British writer Zadie Smith is about two brown girls growing up on the wrong side of town in London. The two girls meet at a community ballet class held at a church and inevitably become childhood friends. Both girls have the same dream but only one a girl named Tracy has the potential to achieve their dream of becoming a dancer while the other girl who is an unnamed narrator is a student of dance since she has flat feet. Almost everyday the girls are taken by their parents to the dance class, Tracy’s mother who is a single parent would always be there to support he daughter while either the unnamed narrators mother of father would be their to take daughter to dance class.

Dance class meant a lot to Tracey and the narrator it was their entire dream to become dancers. The effort their parents took into supporting their children’s aspirations in life meant a lot to the two two girls. Although both Tracey and the narrator are similar in many ways, such as them coming from broken homes, the mothering they received was undoubtedly different.

The Narrator’s was raised by a mother whose attentions she always craved but quickly realized at an early age she could never get. “When I was young her refusal to submit to me confused and wounded me, especially as I felt none of the usual reason for refusal applied. I was her only child”. “As far as I was concerned, she had nothing but time. Yet I still couldn’t get her complete submission! (18)”. The girl who was the most fortunate out of the two and lived in a two parent home actually lived in what felt like a one parent home where her father put in more time with her versus her mother. She could never get a mother to submit and at a young age she felt neglected by her mother and that her mother never was interested in her dreams of becoming a dancer. Whenever her mother would take her to the dance classes her “mothers attitude, by contrast, was one of weary, she had better things to do. “Hardly able to contain her contempt for the whole exercise (10)”. Her mother could barely supply moral support and she could physical, that her daughter yearned for.

As a young child Tracy’s relationship with her mother was different from the narrators. Tracey’s mother was actually proud of her daughter and supported Tracy’s dream of becoming a dancer. “Tracy’s mother pushed the girl in front of herself- and in front of us- using her own body as a means of obstruction, the flesh on her arms swinging as she beat us back, until she arrived in Miss Isabel’s dance class, a look of great pride and anxiety of her face, ready to place her precious cargo into the temporary care of others (11)”. “[Tracy] was her mother’s most striking accessory (10)”. Her daughter was her entire life and she committed herself to the well-being of her daughter as much as she possibly could or knew how to do even if at times it was inadequate. But Tracey mother had done something the narrator’s mother hadn’t, she completely submitted herself to the duties of being a mother

Swing Time by Zaddie Smith